Research Projects

Our team aims to unravel molecular, clinical and socio-demographic mechanisms underlying metabolic aging

We are studying the effect of metabolic disturbances on aging rates

Our group uses state-or-the-art modeling techniques to identify patterns of metabolic disturbances linked to long-term risk of adverse metabolic outcomes which could influence the aging rate. We have three main goals within this research line:

  • To develop novel metrics to assess human aging from a metabolic perspective
  • To identify potential mechanisms underlying accelerated aging phenotypes and its relationships with metabolic disturbances
  • To develop the field of metabolic aging through a perspective of the influence of genetic, environmental and individual factors on aging rates in body composition, adipose tissue function and whole-body glucose and lipid homeostasis

We are studying molecular mechanisms underlying aging in metabolic tissues

Our group uses data-driven methods to characterize mechanistic models which explain metabolic disturbances using population-based data and extrapolates potential mechanisms that determine tissue-specific aging and its corresponding metabolic impact.

The aim of this research line includes:

  • To ellucidate how aging occurs in different metabolic tissues and how this process is influenced by the coexistence of metabolic disturbances
  • To identify biomarkers of metabolic disturbances in prodromic periods and which may help in identifying subjects at high risk of accelerated aging phenotypes
  • To identify the impact of metabolic aging using multi-omics approaches, including but not limited to metabolomics, proteomics and transcriptomics

We are studying how social determinants of health impact on the course of aging and the onset of cardio-metabolic disturbances

Aging is not solely influenced by molecular mechanisms related to the hallmarks of aging but is a rather dynamic process, which is also heavily influenced by population dynamics, social inequality and poverty. We aim to identify factors which influence the occurrence of cardio-metabolic diseases which influence on metabolic aging and health.

With this research line we aim to:

  • Systematize the study of metabolic diseases from the perspective of social determinants of health and embodiment
  • To understand how interventions at the population level may influence incidence of metabolic diseases
  • To inform public policy on how to achieve healthy metabolic aging by targeting social determinants of health at the population and individual level
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